e-logbook providers:

FishServe will not be developing a new e-logbook as this sits outside of our primary role. However, we have asked our subsidiary FINNZ (FishServe Innovations New Zealand) to develop a tool, and they are working with an existing e-logbook provider to provide a suitable offering for you. FishServe will also provide information on our website of other e-logbook providers that are also offering compliant solutions, should they wish us to do so.

GPR + e-logbook offering:

FINNZ are also working alongside a GPR provider to supply a suitable device that meets the requirements of these new regulations. This will work alongside the FINNZ e-logbook to provide an all-in-one solution to make compliance to these new regulations easy for all fishers. FINNZ will be providing and communicating more information about their offering to you all in due course.