If an electronic report submitted against your permit contains an error, all your ER contact persons will receive an email notification requesting that these errors be corrected within 15 days. If the error has not been corrected after 7 days, a reminder email will be sent. There will also be a widget on your Dashboard in the top right-hand corner called ‘Electronic Reporting Errors’.


Error Widget

This widget will show you the total number of errors found in your electronic reports.

Error Widget

The errors are broken down into age, with errors older than 15 days showing in red text to convey urgency as corrections should be made within 15 days to comply with regulation 44 of the Fisheries Reporting Regulations 2017 and, if not, will be referred to the MPI for further action.

Error Types

There are two types of errors:

Trip errors

Trip errors could relate to any of the reports within the trip and may not be specifically related to a report at all. An example of a trip error:

Trip has no Trip Start report This means that we have received a report with a trip ID that does not have a corresponding Trip Start report.
  1. If the Trip Start report has not been submitted for whatever reason, the skipper would need to refer to the eLogbook they use for reporting and submit the Trip Start report.
  2. It may be that the report has an incorrect trip ID, in this case a user with authority will need to amend the report and correct the trip ID on the Fishserve website.

Report errors

Report errors are errors that are related to a specific report, this could be that incorrect data has been recorded or the data recorded is unusual and needs to be reviewed. An example of a report error:


Report type: Non-Fish or Protected Species report 

Error: This report has no associated catch report

This error relates to a Non-Fish or Protected Species (NFPS) report that does not have a valid fishing report event ID provided, but the date of the NFPS report falls inside the dates of a fishing report in the same trip e.g. Trawl report began at 8am, and finished at 11am and NFPS capture occurred at 10am.
  1. If the NFPS capture occurred outside of the fishing time, a user will need to amend the report and correct the report time on the Fishserve website.
  2. If the NFPS capture occurred during fishing activity, a user will need to amend the NFPS report and provide the event ID of the fishing report in which the capture occurred.

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Viewing and Correcting Errors

Only users with ER Admin or ER Manager rights, or the ER Reporter who submitted the original report have access to correct errors on reports.

To view trips and reports that contain errors, you can click on the ‘View details’ link in the ER Errors widget.

Error Widget

Alternatively, you can navigate to this screen via your Dashboard > ER tab > Trip Summary in the left menu and tick the ‘Show trips with errors only’ filter.

All trips where an error has been found will show in a grid.

Hover your mouse over a trip and notice that each line will highlight slightly, and the cursor will become a hand icon. This means you can click anywhere on the line to expand the details. Click anywhere on the same line again to close.

Trip Summary

Trip status dropdown allows you to filter the trips according to their status. Trip status options are described below

Trip statusDetails
All Show all trips
Trip Finished Trip has a Trip Start, Trip End and complete landing reports (including LFR greewnweight details)
Trip Finished - LFR GWTs Required Trip has a Landing report but has not had the LFR greenweight details completed
Trip Finished - Landing Required Trip has a Trip End report but is missing its Landing report
Trip Start missing Trip is missing its Trip Start report
Fishing Trip has been started, but no Trip End report has been received
None Trip was started before a trip status was set, so no status is available

Trip errors will show above the individual reports as these errors may not be directly related to a specific report.

Report errors will show in the Errors column in the grid against the report they relate to.

Trip Summary

Each report will have a ‘View’ and ‘Amend’ option under the Action column. You will be able to amend a report within the ‘View’ mode however if you choose ‘Amend’ this will take you straight to the amend mode for the event. A list of errors will be displayed in a banner at the top of the report in ‘View’ mode, and each error will be highlighted within the report in ‘Amend’ mode.

Banner Example

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Correcting, Confirming and Suppressing

Errors can be fixed in three ways, by correcting the data, confirming the data or suppressing the data.

Correct - Some errors can only be fixed by correcting the data to a correct value.

Error Example

Confirm - Other errors can be fixed by either correcting the data or confirming that the data that was provided is correct by clicking on the confirm button next to the error. These are usually errors where the data provided is outside of the normally expected range.

Confrim Error Example

Suppress - Some errors also have the option of being suppressed. You would suppress an error if the value that you provided is correct and is part of your everyday fishing practise. By suppressing the error, you will prevent the error from being generated on any reports that you provide for the next year. After a year, the error will be generated on your reports again and can then be suppressed for a further year, if it is still part of your fishing practise.

Suppress Error Example

After correcting any errors, you can tick the "" tick box instead of typing in a reason for amendment. You can also add additional text into the reason for amendment if you want to.

Tick Box

Once you have submitted your amendment, you can view the ‘Electronic Reporting Errors’ widget or the Trip Summary screen again and you will notice the number of errors has reduced.

If data that is causing an error is updated, but still does not fix the error, the error will remain in your Errors widget and the date by which it must be fixed will not change. If you change existing data and introduce a new error, you will be able to submit your amendment, but the errors will then appear in your Error List and you will receive an email advising you of new errors.

Important to note:

Notifications of errors are sent by FishServe once per day at 9pm. However, they will show in the widget and trip summary approximately half an hour after they have been submitted. You have 15 days from the date of this notification to correct any errors to avoid possible infringement by MPI.

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List of Checks

A complete list of rules along with corresponding names, descriptions and remedies can be found here.

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