DISCLAIMER: Please note, this information is subject to change as content is still under development with MPI

Each API is developed to be stand-alone, but works in conjunction with other APIs, to form the whole picture of your fishing trip.

Each trip would start with a non-fishing event API, such as 'Trip Start' and finish with another non-fishing event API - 'Trip End'.

In between would be all the different fishing and non-fishing events that have occurred on your trip. Each of these would be seperate APIs. 

Generally, each ERS Event has the following API actions available:

  • Create (Post): Used to create a new event in your logbook and then post that event
  • Get: Used to retrieve an event that has already been created and posted
  • Update: Used to update a previous event

Explore the following list of ERS Events to see what APIs are available for use in your own applications for each event.

Technical information for developers is available on our ERS Event API Technical Info page. Additionally, selecting the Event name hyperlink will take you to the relevant technical information for that event.

Available ERS Event APIs

Available ERS Non-Fishing Event APIs

Available ERS Find APIs

    • Find Events: This is an available Get API to retrieve previously submitted events.

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