If you wish to use Online Services, you must register. To register, download the Details of Authorised Personnel form or contact us for this form to be sent to you. Complete this form and send it to FishServe. Once your application form has been processed, an email will be sent to you enabling you to set your own user name and password.

Can I perform tasks on behalf of someone else?

If you wish to perform Online Services task on behalf of someone else, you must first obtain authorisation from that person/company to do so. This can be done by completing the Details of Authorised Personnel form. You can download this form, or contact us for a form to be sent out to you.

How do I set up employees within my company for Online Services?

As a company you have a few options in terms of setting people up to perform Online Services tasks.

  • A viewer will be able to view details for an area but will not be able to perform any tasks
Contact Person
  • Your organisation may have more than one contact person for each area
  • All correspondence for that area will be sent directly to those person(s) via email
  • This person will have the ability to view details related to the area for which they are a contact
  • A manager is in addition to the persons who are legally authorised to sign on behalf of your organisation
  • You may have more than one manager for each area
  • You may also want to specify this person as a contact person
  • If you specify a manager for an area, that person will be able to perform tasks online and legally sign paper applications, documents and transactions on behalf of your organisation for the specified area
  • The same concept would apply if you were an agent acting on behalf of multiple clients.

If you are a FRED subscriber all authorised personnel will have access to run FRED reports.


An area can have more than one contact, viewer and/or manager