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Recent Updates

Discrepancy Reports

You will receive an email and a task list notification whenever there is a discrepancy between your MHR and reported landings from LFRs. The discrepancy check is triggered at balancing where there is a difference >5% between reported catch and LFR landings. Discrepancies will also be checked after any MHR or LFRR amendment and any late submitted MHR or LFRR returns. So you can be confident that any discrepancies will be picked up.

In this release the difference threshold is set to 5%, but we are working towards having this adjustable to your own preference in a later release.

When you do receive a discrepancy notification, you will see something like this on your To Do List.

Selecting the item will take you straight to the discrepancy report for the MHR

Selecting the Species Code will show the LFR/s details who have reported landings for that species

Alternatively you may see a 'D' in your MHR summary screen

Selecting the 'Discrepancies' hyperlink will open the discrepancy report for the MHR

You have three choices where there is a discrepancy identified;

1. Select   and amend the details of your MHR

2. Select   and the discrepancy report will be removed, including the hyperlink and the notification on your To Do list. This will be permanently removed and you will not be notified of any discrepancies for this reporting period again. This applies even if there are further amendments or late returns submitted for this reporting period.

3. Select    and contact your LFR to amend their LFRR details