ACE Tender Notice


FishServe is running a tender for ACE held by Patrick Vernon Skelton, Dorothy June Skelton (client no. 9730187). The terms of tender and tender offer form are attached. The following ACE fishstocks are now open for tender.

The terms of tender and tender offer form are available to download here.

Please be advised the client’s preference is for bids of all ACE stocks. However, bids for individual shares/stocks will be considered.

ACE for Tender

StockCommon NameRegular ACE (kg)
BAR1 Barracouta 1,943
BCO1 Blue Cod 100
BNS1 Bluenose 10,831
BNS2 Bluenose 1,844
GUR1 Gurnard 175
HAK1 Hake 1,073
HOK1 Hoki 174
HPB1 Hapuku & Bass 2,970
HPB2 Hapuku & Bass 1,563
JDO1 John Dory 50
LIN1 Ling 17,074
LIN2 Ling 6,700
POS1 Porbeagle Shark 5
RBM1 Ray’s Bream 1,032
SCH1 School Shark 3,400
SCH2 School Shark 1,400
SKI1 Gemfish 1,778
SKI2 Gemfish 26
SNA1 Snapper 2,156
SNA2 Snapper 354
TAR1 Tarakihi 2,865
TAR2 Tarakihi 66
TRE1 Trevally 100

If you wish to submit an offer, you can email your offer to:

OR mail your offer to:

CFS2023 -01 Tender c/o FishServe PO Box 297 Wellington 6140

Please read the terms of tender carefully before submitting an offer

The tender closes on Monday the 15th of November 2023 at 3:00 PM.

Please contact Deepna Dahya at 021 606 302 or email if you have any questions.