Format of Forms

Many forms can be completed through our online services. Completing these forms online will save you money as the transaction fees are lower. To access the online versions, log in and visit the relevant page.

All forms available for downloading are provided in .PDF format. To use them you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download from Adobe's website for free. All instructions required to download and install this software are on Adobe's site.

Forms marked with an asterisk (*) can be typed on before printing. Click in the box that you want to type into and begin typing. Once you have completed the form you will need to print it and then sign/initial it where necessary and then post it to FishServe. Please remember to send in all pages of the form. If you are using Adobe Reader you will not be able to save the typing that you have added to the form.

Forms should be printed, completed and signed where necessary, and then posted to FishServe, PO Box 297, Wellington, New Zealand.



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